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Overview of Colorado's Rivers and Freshwater Resources

There are 107,403 miles of rivers in Colorado that flow through desert canyons, rush down steep mountainsides, and babble across the plains. We’re home to major rivers like the Arkansas, Colorado, Green, Yampa, White, San Juan, Rio Grande, South Platte, and Republican Rivers. As a headwaters state, the snow that falls in our mountains and flows through our rivers provides water to 17 states and two countries downstream. Our water provides life, livelihood, and joy to millions of residents and visitors and it’s going to take all of us to keep them healthy and flowing.

Our Work

Coloradans rely on our healthy rivers for drinking water, our livelihoods, to recreate, as outdoor classrooms for our children, and as places to relax and heal. Our rivers, and the waters in them, will determine the future of the state; they have the potential to provide a durable and diversified economic stability for rural communities, and to sustain our families for generations. That is, if we protect and care for them as only Coloradans know how.

The world of water management and conservation can be complicated; with multiple jurisdictions, agencies, rules and regulations governing the management of our rivers. Coloradans for Healthy Rivers works to identify the most important waterways in our state, then collaborate with andand enable  diverse coalitions of local stakeholders to advocate for durable, fair, sustainable protections.  


Wild & Scenic

The preeminent tool for permanently conserving high-value, free-flowing rivers.

Outstanding Waters

Protecting Colorado’s highest quality waterways for future generations.

Public Lands Management

Make your voice heard on the future of our waters on public lands.

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